Friday, November 9, 2012

The Bernard Krigstein Illustration Archive: "Messer Benyamin" World Over Magazine 1957

HEAD MEDICINE is proud to unveil the first of several parts of the Bernard Krigstein Illustration Archive.  over fifty rare illustrations make up the collection, most being from 1957-1958 and have never been reproduced since their original publication.

Bernie Krigstein was a fine artist and illustrator most famous for his groundbreaking comic book work in the 1950's for EC Comics, but frustrations with the comics business drove him away forever, forcing the artist to find illustration and commercial work to support his family.

these were a series of illustrations done for the all ages Jewish magazine World Over in the spring of 1957 for a story titled "Messer Benyamin:  a Serial in Five Parts - Being an Account of the Early Adventures of That Remarkable Medieval Traveler, Benjamin of Tudela."  unfortunately, Part One is not in the archive.

the ink work here is absolutely stunning... rigidly structured with every line threatening to explode into chaos.


part two detail:


part three detail:


part four detail:


part five detail:

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