Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Aeon Flux (dir. Peter Chung - Liquid Television shorts 1991-92)

in 1991 and '92, Aeon Flux first appeared as a series of six wordless short films on Liquid Television, Mtv's animated anthology.  Peter Chung's bizarre sci-fi vision was drenched in kinky sexuality and violence, and popped off the screen like nothing else at the time.  The dramatic figures were always contorted into spidery Egon Schiele-style poses, Chung's boldly surrealist style of storytelling always kept the viewer engaged but disorientated, and the animation still crackles with pure electricity 20 years later.  a masterpiece.

later, Aeon Flux evolved into an even stranger thirty minute weekly series on Mtv, complete with dialogue and a wider and more complex storyline, but those episodes do not hold a candle to the initial six short films.

Aeon Flux - Pilot. 01 from muhgre on Vimeo.

Aeon Flux - War. 02 from muhgre on Vimeo.

Aeon Flux - Gravity. 03 from muhgre on Vimeo.

Aeon Flux - Leisure. 04 from muhgre on Vimeo.

Aeon Flux - Mirror. 05 from muhgre on Vimeo.

Aeon Flux - Tide. 06 from muhgre on Vimeo.

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