Saturday, May 27, 2017

Raise a Glass to Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell was an artistic warrior of the highest order. He was one of the few mortals with the courage to reach up and wield the Hammer of the Gods, and he helped change music and culture forever.

He gave everything he had until there was nothing left.  He was a man with personal and creative integrity. He was unafraid of success and confident to achieve it on his own terms.  He chased his own creative muse, regardless of outside expectations, and left a musical legacy that will never be forgotten.   and that voice.  no one will ever come close.

Thanks for showing yourself to us, Chris.  For trusting us and letting us inside.  Hopefully we gave something back to you in return. 

rest in peace

this song is impossibly sad right now, but it's one of the clearest, deepest views into Chris' soul that he allowed.

The earliest known footage of Chris and Soundgarden, from '86. Scott Sundquist on drums since Matt Cameron had not yet joined the band.

a secret gem from the first Audioslave album