Monday, September 30, 2013

Forgotten Classics Vol. Two: Girls Against Boys - "House of GVSB" (1996 Touch and Go)

Girls Agains Boys
House of GVSB
1996 Touch and Go Records

somehow these guys slipped through the cracks.  i haven't thought about em in YEARS.  but i saw they had gotten back together and i was always a huge fan of the GVSB offshoot New Wet Kojak so i thought i would go back and give em a try.  it turns out 1996's "House of GVSB," their fourth album, is a front to back drugged out fuck rock classique.  i mourn the years of my youth i missed with this album as the late night soundtrack.  Scott McCloud's stoned drawl and noisy guitar blasts, earthshaking double bass rumbles from Johnny Temple and Eli Janney locked into the drums of Alexis Fleisig... hot stuff, man.  highly recommended for fans of QotSA, Morphine, and Failure.

by the way, Girls Against Boys came together in the late 80's  in the fabled Washington DC post hardcore scene with Fugazi, Jawbox, and Shudder to Think.  they released albums and toured the world for the next decade-plus and then fell silent.  they have recently been resurrected and sound fucking great.  

here's a blistering live performance of the album opener, "Super Fire"   

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