Friday, August 15, 2014

Basil Wolverton - "Barflize" (1952)

Basil Wolverton (1909-1978) was an early pioneer during the Golden Age of comic books in the 1930s,  40s, and 50s with books like Spacehawk and Powerhouse Pepper.  His wildly imaginative inking techniques and insanely offbeat sense of humor made deep impressions on youngsters like Robert Crumb who would grow up to forge the 60s Underground Comix movement.

in 1952, Wolverton self published a 32 page book called "Common Types of Barflize or Who Stole My Martini."  here are 10 pieces from that collection, taken from a 1990 Fantagraphics postcard set called "Wolvertoon Postcards."

here are some random closeups to show off Wolverton's talents with an inking pen.  

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