Saturday, July 4, 2015

William Stout's "Legends of the Blues"

William Stout has built a formidable body of work in his 40+ year long art career, ranging from comics and album art to storyboarding and conceptual art in film and television.  In 2013, Abrams ComicArts published his "Legends of the Blues" book which builds where Robert Crumb's classic "Heroes of the Blues" trading card set from 1980 left off.  Stout renders over 100 Blues titans in his own version of Crumb's iconic, bold crosshatched style, and wrote a short biography to accompany each entry.  Oftentimes, Stout weaves in symbolic imagery in the backgrounds to enhance the individual's mythology.  It's a brilliant collection of images, and the book is a must have for any fan of illustration or the blues.

here are some examples.  buy the book HERE.

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