Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tabula Rasa (a clean slate): a graphic short story by brian koschak

"Tabula Rasa (a clean slate)" is a 4-page graphic short story based on a dream i had a few years ago, just as my inevitable mid-life crisis was kicking in.  it was cathartic working on it over the years, chipping away whenever there was time.  i felt the story became a sort of metaphor/riddle that my brain concocted, and seemed to challenge me to do something productive with. i suspected that once the story was finished, and if i could get it to look just how i imagined, than it might signify the end of the crisis.  and it did.

the unofficial official soundtrack is "Albatross" by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, from 1968.  it is a beautiful, classic piece of music.  listen to it HERE.

i hope you enjoy "Tabula Rasa (a clean slate),"  and if anyone is interested, there is a free high res pdf available for download HERE.



the past is gone

it has burned to the ground.

so leap into the future

and chase the unknowable horizon.

"Tabula Rasa (a clean slate)" is copyright 2016 brian james koschak

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