Friday, November 18, 2016

A Tribute to Lemmy Kilmister, by Robert Valley (and Metallica)

Robert Valley, one of the (if not thee) most inspired animators/illustrators currently working, has crafted a mind-melting eyegasm tribute to the mighty Lemmy Kilmister.  It's maybe a bit unusual that it's in the form of a video for Metallica and their new track "Murder One," but, hey, however this masterpiece needed to be conceived and delivered into the world is fine by me.  it's worth noting that Valley animated this entire piece in Photoshop.  fucking Photoshop!  who does that??  (eventually i will get off of my ass and put together a feature on Valley's work... everything he has touched is golden.)

feel free to enjoy the video with the Metallica soundtrack, or, if yer like me, it might be a bit more appropriate to hit mute and  have some of Lemmy's sounds to chase it down with.

recommended alternate soundtrack

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