Friday, January 18, 2013

The Bernard Krigstein Illustration Archive: "St. Helena and the True Cross" 1958

part three of HEAD MEDICINE'S Bernard Krigstein Illustration Archive, a collection of over 50 rare illustrations from 1957-58, many never reprinted since their original publication, and scanned directly from tear sheets in the legendary artists' own collection. for more info on Krigstein and to view part one of the Archive, click  HERE  and to view part two, click HERE

i believe that these illustrations are from "St. Helena and the True Cross, " published by Vision books in 1958, but i cannot be completely certain.  outside verification would be greatly appreciated.

krigstein's line work here is the very definition of "liquid"... at times it's almost as if he is pouring the ink on these pages.  these examples are further proof that krigstein never adhered to any particular style, but constantly pushed out his creative boundaries to their furthest limits.

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