Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Science Fiction Art of Alex Schomburg

my research into classic sci fi for a short story i'm working on brought me to schomburg. this stuff is amazing and offers a nice alternative to the other sci fi heavyweights like wally wood or alex raymond or al williamson.

until just recently i only knew Alex Schomburg from his legendary Golden Age comic book covers, epic propaganda war scenes starring Captain America, the Submariner, and the Human Torch pounding on nazis and the japanese, all done in the crazy racial stereotypes of the day.  but when he left comics for good in the 1950's, he went on to illustrate covers for science fiction pulp novels and magazines for many years.  his work is a hidden gem in the history of sci fi art, and here are some examples:


  1. Not sure if you're a follower of Monster Brains or not. Highly recommended and full of inspiration. A post from last year had a ton of awesome Utopia covers.

    1. oh monster brains is AMAZING, one of my absolute favorite art blogs. i will have to check those covers out for sure. thanks!