Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Monks - Black Monk Time (1966 Polydor)

In 1964, five American G.I.'s stationed in Germany began playing crude Chuck Berry cover songs, and were soon shaving their heads into monk hairdos and wearing robes and crafting their own strange vision of American garage rock.  after discharge, they stayed in Germany and kept experimenting and were attempting to craft something completely new.  the sounds of The Monks 1966 debut album Black Monk Time (recorded a year earlier in 1965), would soon plant the seeds for the repetitive drone of the Velvet Underground and German krautrock, the in-your-face anti-authority attitude of punk, the prankster sense of humor of Devo,  and the abrasive noise experimentalism of the 80's No Wave acts. check out that eardrum rupturing/flesh searing electric banjo. strange stuff, for sure.

more info on the Monks HERE

remastered album with bonus tracks available HERE

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