Friday, November 15, 2013

Soundgarden - Louder Than Live (Live at the Whiskey A Go-Go 1989)

a unique snapshot of a legendary band, Louder Than Live captures Soundgarden on their Louder Than Love tour in 1989.  It was from a very unique time in the band's history, original bassist Hiro Yamamoto had departed just as the ink was drying on Soundgarden's major label contract, and Ben Shepherd had not yet joined to bring them to a whole different level with Badmotorfinger.  this was from the brief Jason Everman era, the guy who had just prior been ejected from Nirvana.  Everman disappeared from the face of the earth after Soundgarden fired him,  and he seemed destined to be nothing more than the answer to a quesion in the Trival Pursuit 90s edition.  Not many people get to be fired from two of the biggest bands in the world.  just recently, tho, this amazing interview popped up with Everman and details his fascinating journey afterwards.  read it HERE.  now. 

Louder Than Live is totally fucking raw.  the music sounds like a goddamn buzz saw, and "I Awake" is most definitely one of the band's highpoints... tripped out gas huffin' heaviness at its finest.

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