Thursday, December 5, 2013

Zombi - St. Louis 12-3-13 (in support of Goblin) FULL SET and interview with A.E. Paterra

Zombi, the mighty synth/bass/drums overlords from Pittsburgh PA, have been pretty quiet recently, especially as a live touring act.  Drummer A.E. Paterra and synths/bassist Steve Moore have given only a small handful of live performances since 2007.  But with their recent two week-long gig supporting legendary Italian prog maestros Goblin on the second leg of their first ever North American tour, Zombi have emerged dramatically from the shadows.  Being paired up with Goblin was an inspired choice since Zombi obviously shares much of the same DNA as their 1970's forerunner, making this probably the most powerful, can't-miss tour of the year.

Head Medicine is honored to have had the chance to witness this epic match up on their recent stop in St. Louis, Missouri.  there will be a full concert review in the coming weeks, but for now, here is Zombi's performance in its entirety, and a brief interview with A.E. Paterra on what lies ahead for the band. (click HERE for Head Medicine's previous interview with Paterra, our 2012 Solo Artist of the Year, for his prolific work on his spaced out Kubrickian solo project Majeure)

part one

part two

HEAD MEDICINE'S interview with A.E. Paterra

Head Medicine:  How did this tour come about and what's it like playing with @#$%ing Goblin right now?

A.E. Paterra:  Their booking agent got in touch with us and asked us to do the tour a few months ago.  well, he said it was possible that it might happen, and then it all worked out.  It's... kind of surreal.  When we started this band, the one thing that we both talked about the first time we met was Goblin.  That was a very common link, and that was the starting point.  Then we realized we liked a whole bunch of other things, but that was the first thing we latched onto.

Head Medicine:  There was a song you guys played tonight that i had never heard.  Was that a new Zombi tune?

A.E. Paterra:  None of that material was new.  Most of it was from the Surface to Air album.  There was  the song "Infinity" that was originally on a split with the band Mazerati and is on the current Relapse reissue of Spirit Animal, and the song "Orion" which was on Cosmos.

Head Medicine:  Is there any new Zombi material on the way? 

A.E. Paterra:  We've been sending some things back and forth, but nothing is really picking up steam.  I think we both agree on the fact that if we do another album, we want to write it together.  We don't want it to be fileshared.  We have a few things floating around, but i think we will actually want to get together in the same room and sit down and play some bass and drums and see what happens from there. 

Head Medicine:  Are there at least any Zombi musical ideas brewing in the back of your head?

A.E. Paterra:  Not really.  I think we both have an idea of what we would like to do, but nothing has really been written at all.  But i think we both kind of see where we want to go.  It's something we will talk about, but i hope that maybe by spring or summer we could maybe start something, but we will see.  Ideally what would be great is to write another album and to do a small tour for the album.  that would be great, but who knows.  At our pace...

Head Medicine:  You guys have so many other projects, is there more of that coming up?  Is there more Majeure in the near future?

A.E. Paterra:  When i get back in January, i'm going to try to write for Majeure.  Maybe in the spring i would like to get out to the West Coast, i haven't been out there in...  i don't think i've ever played out there with Majeure. Steve is working on a couple of soundtracks right now for a couple of films, and i think when he's done with that and when i get through my writing process, i would love to put another Zombi album out. 

Head Medicine:  Any other plans for 2014? 
A.E. Paterra:  Not really.  i would be great to have another Majeure album out in the fall.  That's kind of my plan. 

Fri 11/29 Chicago, IL/ The Empty Bottle w/Taiga, Alex Barnett (no Goblin)
Sat 11/30 Minneapolis, MN/ The Varsity Theater
Sun 12/01 Milwaukee, WI/ Turner Hall
Tues 12/03 St. Louis, MO/ 2720 Cherokee
Wed 12/04 Cincinnati, OH/ Taft Theatre
Thur 12/05 Cleveland, OH/ Beachland Ballroom
Fri 12/06 Pittsburgh, PA/ Carnegie Music Hall
Sat 12/07 Sayreville, NJ/ Starland
Sun 12/08 NYC, NY/ Le Poisson Rouge
Tues 12/10 Boston, MA/ Sinclair
Wed 12/11 New Haven, CT/ Center Church on the Green
Thur 12/12 Philadelphia, PA/ Trocadero
Fri 12/13 Washington, DC/ 9:30 Club
Sat 12/14 Carrboro, NC/ Cats Cradle

thanks to A.E. Paterra for taking the time to speak with HEAD MEDICINE!


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