Wednesday, February 5, 2014

MC5 (1964-1972)

the MC5.  scuzzy Detroit renegades that redefined rocknroll in the 60s.  while flower power was the preferred method of protest at that time, guitarists Wayne Kramer and Fred "Sonic" Smith, singer Rob Tyner, bassist Michael Davis, and drummer Dennis Thompson  unleashed a sonic molotov cocktail and lobbed it straight into the heart of the American machine, getting the attention of the White House itself.  before they imploded, the MC5 blazed a path for the punks that would appear in the coming years.  music was never the same.

here's an amazing clip from 1970

here is a blistering live performance from 1972.  the band was already starting to splinter, but there was still a lot of fuel left in the tank, which is what makes their self-destruction all the worse.

the MC5 - A True Testimonal documentary is essential viewing. here is a preview. it's worth trying to dig it up the entire film.

and when you are all done with those, here are their albums.

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