Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wheedle's Groove: Seattle Funk 1965-75

it is a relatively unknown fact that, back in the 60s and 70s, Seattle was home to a once-vibrant power funk scene, and just when it seemed that the region's success would break nationally, the entire scene abruptly faded into obscurity.  several years ago, the Black on White Affair's single, "Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother" was rediscovered and the rich Northwest funk scene was dug up once again.  Light in the Attic Records released a compilation titled Wheedle's Groove: Seattle Funk 1965-75 (check it out HERE) and filmmaker Jennifer Maas's Wheedle's Groove documentary shines a light on the scene and its major players, reuniting many of them for the first time since the old days (Wheedle's Groove trailer HERE and a longer sample from the film HERE.) by the way, Wheedle's Groove is a reference to the old Seattle Supersonics mascot.  it's ass ugly, whatever it is.

here's a tasty sample for ya.

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